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Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic injection mold is a tool or mould used in the manufacturing process of plastic parts. It is created by mould suppliers and designed to produce precise, high-quality plastic parts in large quantities

Machining service China

Machining Service

We specialize offering a wide range of machining services, including CNC machining, milling, drilling, turning, and grinding.

Die-casting mold

Die Casting Mold

Our team of experts is committed to delivering precision results, ensuring that your die casting molds are properly designed, manufactured, and assembled.

molding factory

Injection Molding Supplier

Our high-tech plastic injection molding machines ensure that each part is produced to the highest industry standards, offering variously of plastic materials, such as PP, ABS, PPS, PEEK, PA66+GF30, and among others.

OEM Assembly factory

Manual Assembly Service

Our assembly services include everything from simple sub-assembly to complete turnkey solutions, and we work with a variety of materials to ensure that your products meet the highest quality standards.

silicone molded product

Silicone molding parts

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer a range of silicone molding products services to meet your specific needs. send us your project to get a price.

Why Sincere Tech Mould Suppliers?

High-Tech equipment

High tech equipment to make high quality custom molds, such as CMM machine, 5 axis CNC machine, FANUC machine, among others.

NDA Document

Signing an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) document to protect your project, we never share your data to any other third parties.

Competitive Pricing

Original Mould suppliers in China. Mold cost as low as $500, small quantity or high volume are supported,

Professional Communication

Fluent technical English communication & excellent project management, very important to make your project success.

18 Years Experience

We have 18 years of rich experience in making mold, die, silicone molding, and machining, and assembly  service

All in one service

From Part design, PCB design, prototype, testing. Mold design, Mold & Dies manufacturing, post manufacturing, certificate, assembly all in one service

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About Our Plastic Injection Mold Company

Plastic Injection Mold, China Injection Molding Supplier

Here at Sincere Tech (, we take pride in being a trusted and knowledgeable Chinese supplier of custom plastic injection molds and molding.

We have been serving the local industry with top-notch plastic injection mold and die casting tooling services since 2005, when our company was founded. Today, we take great pride in being a frontrunner in our field, providing a diverse array of products and services to clients all over the globe.

Electronics, home appliances, medicine, cars, gardens, food, cosmetics, and electric connectors are just a few of the many industries that benefit from our manufacturing solutions. We are able to manufacture products with shot capacities varying from less than 1.0 g to 8 kg, and our injection molding machines can handle loads ranging from 60 to 1800 tons.

Offering competitive pricing, first-rate service, and high-quality products is our number one goal. The happiness of our clients is fundamental to our company’s success, in our opinion. We are devoted to meeting your needs while staying within your budget as an expert injection molder and tooling building company.

We follow the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001: 2015 and the Quality System for Manufacturers (QS) 9000: 2015 standards when making our products. Among the many countries we ship to around the globe are: Finland, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Japan, and Mexico.

Ultrasonic and hot plate welding, gas-assisted injection molding, 2K injection molding, overmolding, insert molding, rapid prototype molding, plastic printing and electroplating, manual assembly, original equipment manufacturer contract manufacturing, part design, mold design, plastic injection mold manufacturing, silicone molding products, and much more are all part of our plastic molding offerings.

One of the top 10 mold suppliers in 2018 for more than 18 years running. Our high-quality plastic injection molds, injection molding components, silicone, and rubber molding parts are just the beginning; we now also offer assembly services.

Each customer’s unique requirements are carefully considered when designing our assembly services. We provide a variety of assembly services to alleviate the burden and save you time because we know that assembling parts isn’t always easy.

mould suppliers

Our assembly services include:

  • Part Sorting and Inspection service
  • PCB electronic cable soldering service
  • Product Assembly service
  • Packaging and Shipping service

Everything from simple components to intricate assemblies is within our capabilities, thanks to our extensive knowledge and cutting-edge machinery. Among the many materials that our trained staff is comfortable working with are silicone, metals, and plastics.

Sincere Tech China is a plastic injection mold company that places a premium on happy customers. To that end, we tailor our services to each individual’s needs. When you hire our expert team for assembly, you can expect prompt, affordable service without sacrificing quality.

Our company’s foundation rests on the happiness of our customers, and we hope to join forces with you to achieve mutual success in the future.

Consider Sincere Tech your one-stop shop for all your mould supply and assembly needs, whether you’re making a plastic injection mold or something else entirely. Give us a call or send us an email today to discuss your project and how we can assist your company.

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