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Injection Molding Tools

Injection molding tool is one of the most significant aspects of present-day manufacturing of a wide range of plastic parts. Besides this, it has several applications on the market. These products can range from car parts to domestic utensils and so on. This article will help you provide a more detailed analysis of injection molding […]

Clear Plastic Injection Molding

Clear Plastic Injection Molding and Its Applications The global injection-molded plastic market is rapidly expanding. According to a study, the market was worth USD 387.51 billion in 2023. It is predicted to increase to USD 561.58 billion by 2032. Clear injection molding is a process for producing transparent plastic objects. So we will shed light […]

Plastic Stool Mould

  Plastic Stool Mould: Create Stools That Won’t Let You Down Plastic stools are inconspicuous furniture pieces that are ever-present in residential houses, gardens, and workplaces all over the world. But do you know how these tools are formed? It’s all because of the plastic stool mould, of course! Moulding Magic: From Design to Production […]


TPU injection molding

Why TPU  Injection Molding Is Ideal for Soft Parts? Why TPU injection molding is ideal for soft parts? As this blog shows, TPU has few peers when it comes to the advantages it offers. TPU has the advantages of flexibility, heat resistance, and chemical incombustibility. This is due to the fact that injection molding allows […]

CNC plastic machining

Plastic materials are a core component in several fabrication industries because of their versatile properties including; mechanical, chemical, and biological properties, which are combined with its abundance and diversity. Further, the process of converting raw plastic into functional prototype parts and assemblies is relatively fast from conventional machining techniques. One of the key methods used […]


Was ist ein Spritzgusswerkzeug? Das Spritzgusswerkzeug dient als Kernkomponente im Spritzgussprozess und spielt eine entscheidende Rolle bei der Formgebung des Endprodukts. Dieses Werkzeug ist der zentrale Punkt, an dem das geschmolzene Kunststoffmaterial, dessen Konsistenz warmem Honig ähnelt, unter Druck kraftvoll in die Form eingespritzt wird. Innerhalb der Form nimmt das Material die genaue Form des […]


WAS IST Spritzgussform? Im Spritzgussverfahren wird eine Spritzgussform eingesetzt, um Teile zu produzieren, indem Material in einen Formhohlraum eingespritzt wird. Es ist in der Regel aus Stahl (H13, P20, 1.2312, 1.2344, S136H usw.) oder Aluminium gefertigt und sorgfältig an das Aussehen und die Spezifikationen des Endprodukts angepasst. Beim Formvorgang werden die beiden Hälften der Spritzgussform […]

Gas-assisted injection molding

What is Gas-assisted injection molding Gas-assisted injection molding is a manufacturing process that involves injecting nitrogen gas alongside molten plastic, resulting in a part with hollow sections. The primary objective is to address common challenges in traditional injection molding, such as plastic flow and shrinkage. Various categories of gas-assisted applications exist, but applying this process […]

Hot Runner mold

What is hot runner mold To make plastic parts more efficiently and with shorter cycle times, the hot runner mold is a technology that is used in injection molding. Conventional injection molding involves pouring molten plastic into a mold, which then cools and solidifies to produce the intended product. When using hot runner injection molding, […]

2 plate injection mold

What is 2 plate injection mold 2 plate injection mold or two plate injection mold is a type of injection molding tool used in the manufacturing process to produce plastic components or products. It is a fundamental and widely used mold design in the plastic injection molding industry. The name “2 plate” refers to the […]